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Finger already had it?

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The Question is:

Why do I get the following messages when I run the finger command on version
 7.2-2 of Alpha OpenVMS.
Already had it!
Already had it!
etc. (the above repeats about 13 times then it will show the username program
 etc, like it is suppose to.)?

The Answer is :

  This "Already had it" text would appear to be a misfeature within the
  finger client or server for the version of TCP/IP Services in use in
  your configuration.  (This text is not displayed with TCP/IP Services
  V5.3 ECO 1, though the version involved with your case is unfortunately
  not specified.  The errant text is displayed by TCP/IP Services T5.4,

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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