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Queue Stalls, telnetsym REJECT errors?

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The Question is:

We have problem with our OpenVMS system the que manager hangs and we have to
 reboot the system, we have a lot of this kind of info in operator.log
"Message from user SYSTEM on SFO036
UCX$TELNETSYM - (LAB04) open_socket_ast invoked with bad IOSB 660: connect to
 network object rejected"

The Answer is :

  This would initially appear to be two problems, one with the ability
  of the printer to accept an incoming connection -- often benign; see
  topic (1020) -- and a second and non-specific problem with the queue
  manager or queue database.  The latter is potentially more serious,
  of course.  Topic (1020) explicitly discusses the open_socket_ast
  rejection error; the former.  (See existing discussions of the reject
  error, as well.)
  Please consider moving to a release of OpenVMS and a release of TCP/IP
  Services with Prior Version Support or with Current Version Support,
  and please consider applying the ECO kits for both OpenVMS and for
  TCP/IP Services.  Your existing OpenVMS Alpha version and -- this by
  inference -- your current TCP/IP Services version are both very old.
  For information on ECOs and for the ECO search engine tools, please
  see the OpenVMS FAQ.
  For further assistance with this, details of the ECO kits and the
  TCP/IP Services release and ECO will be required, as will details
  of the printer and the queue stall condition.  The contents of any
  queue-related dump files and any error logs, if relevent, will also
  be of interest.  Please contact the support center directly.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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