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TLZ09 tape drive autoconfiguration?

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The Question is:

My TLZ09 tape drive does not appear as a MK
device when I am booted in OpenVMS 7.3-1. It
does appear as MKA500 when I use SHOW DEVICE
from the console command line. It also works
properly when I am running Digital Unix 4.0D
from a different disk on this same machine.
What am I not doing properly? Thank you.
Jon Mather

The Answer is :

  Please be aware that OpenVMS requires far more of the device
  be operating correctly than does the console.
  Please ensure you have correctly switched from Tru64 UNIX
  to OpenVMS at the console level, and please check the SRM
  firmware revision and upgrade if not current.  Please also
  check to see if OpenVMS is set to perform a limited startup,
  or if it has been set to perform a full startup.  (For one
  way that the OpenVMS device autoconfiguration can be disabled,
  please see if the STARTUP_P1 system parameter is set to a
  non-null value.)
  Please then contact your hardware support organization or the
  customer support center, and expect to be asked details of the
  console settings, the SCSI bus length, configuration and bus
  termination, and details of the TLZ09 tape drive itself.  (In
  particular, make CERTAIN that the TLZ09 firmware is current.)

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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