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The Question is:

Backup log states: %BACKUP-F-CONTINUED, <device>[directory]<saveset>; contains
 a continued file - cannot append.
What does this mean?
Looking at the elapsed backup time, a backup was not performed.

The Answer is :

  If the attached error message and recovery text does not clarify the
  issue, please contact the support center directly.  Please accordingly
  expect to be asked details of the BACKUP command(s) used, the OpenVMS
  ECO kits currently applied (and please apply the current mandatory kits
  and any kits relevent to BACKUP and tape processing), and potentially
  either a listing of the tape directory contents or a copy of the tape.
 CONTINUED,  'save-set-spec' contains a continued file - cannot append
  Facility:     BACKUP, Backup Utility
  Explanation:  In a save operation with the /NOREWIND qualifier, the
                specified volume contained a multivolume file that is
                continued on another volume; therefore, a file cannot be
                appended to the volume.
  User Action:  Retry the operation using the /REWIND qualifier to force the
                Backup utility to initialize the output volume or use another

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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