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MONITOR Display or Documentation Error?

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The Question is:

 Type: COMPAQ AlphaServer DS20E 666 MHz
 VMS node name: 1.53 (RBADB1)
 CPU type     : Alpha
 Last boot    : 14-AUG-2003
 Actual VMS   : 7.3-1
System: RBADB1, COMPAQ AlphaServer DS20E 666 MHz
CPU ownership sets:
   Active               0,1
   Configure            0,1
CPU state sets:
   Potential            0,1
   Autostart            0,1
   Powered Down         None
   Not Present          None
   Failover             None
I have tried to get help to monitor a Alpha system with two cpu's but the
 results are only showing the load on one cpu. "HELP" on MONITOR
states the folowing:
Prior to OpenVMS Version 7.3, the MONITOR PROCESSES/TOPCPU
display showed only a maximum of 8 processes on one screen. In
OpenVMS Version 7.3, the choice of which one of three screens is
displayed is determined by the number of CPUs on the system. (See
the examples in this section.)
There are no examples at all and I still get the old 8 process screen.
Please HELP

The Answer is :

  Thank you for reporting the error in the MONITOR documentation; it
  appears that the information on the number of processes displayed
  was made available prematurely.
  Pending resolution, please use DCL (via f$getsyi and f$getjpi
  and similar) or an application image (via sys$getsyi, sys$getrmi,
  and sys$getjpi) to collect the necessary data.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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