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BACKUP and BTCROUT RMS Syntax Error?

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The Question is:

We have recently upgraded to VMS 7.3-1 and now my backup procedure is reporting
 the following disks errors.  I cannot find any documentation on these errors,
 can you help.  The command procedure runs backup and worked perfectly before
 the system disk was
converted to vms 7.3-1

The Answer is :

  %BACKUP-I-BTCROUT, routine ODS-5 RMS syntax error
  This error indicates an error has occured within BACKUP, or an error
  has occurred within the file structure of the target disk -- the latter
  can be fairly common, and can involve a hardware- or media-level error,
  or the presence of a bogus filename in the file structure.
  Most typically, this BTCROUT error indicates a blank filename has been
  encountered.  There are applications which can (erroneously) create such
  filenames, with PATHWORKS being one potential example, and applications
  can also certainly create such files under program control.  (Earlier
  versions of BACKUP aborted when such files were encountered.)
  As a start, please use the ANALYZE/DISK_STRUCTURE/[NO]REPAIR command
  to verify and (if appropriate) to repair the disk structure involved.
  (If there are blank filenames found, please take steps to find and to
  remove them, in other words -- ANALYZE/DISK_STRUCTURE/REPAIR can be
  used to repair the disk structure.)
  Please also verify the system error logs, seeking any errors relevent
  to the storage subsystem.
  Please verify you have the current mandatory ECO kits applied.
  Please then contact the customer support center for assistance.
  Should the errors be a result of a hardware error in the underlying
  storage and particularly for information on the bad block handling
  within OpenVMS, please see topics including (6926) -- without shadowing,
  errors detected are not corrected until the block is (re)written.  Also
  note that BACKUP is deliberately able to read data in the presence of
  disk errors, though the data may or may not be valid or correct.  (For
  related details, see the HELP/MESSAGE FORCEDERROR error message and
  recovery text.)

answer written or last revised on ( 17-MAY-2004 )

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