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Migrating Application from VAX to Alpha?

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The Question is:

What manuals will help us migrate a COBOL application from VAX to Alpha?

The Answer is :

  For native COBOL code, simply recompile and relink -- native COBOL code
  does not normally contain any platform nor any architectural restrictions.
  For COBOL code that calls into other code and specifically into code
  containing platform or architectural assumptions, please see the
  (archived) OpenVMS application migration documentation, available at
  the OpenVMS documentation website.  The archived OpenVMS documentation
  is available via the "archived documentation" link located in the left
  navigation of the related links of the OpenVMS documentation website:
  One of the (archived) manuals that will be of specific interest is:
    "Migrating an Application from OpenVMS VAX to OpenVMS Alpha"
  For most code, migration involves little more than recompilation and
  relinking.  Kernel-mode code and code that knows or that assumes very
  low-level details of the VAX hardware architecture can obviously involve
  incrementally more effort.
  Porting and compatibility presentations are also available, and these
  presentations are commonly offered at OpenVMS Customer events such as
  the symposia.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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