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Terminal I/O Accounting?

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The Question is:

I need to collect information about terminal traffic in a Open-VMS 7.1-1H2
Is there any command that could be used to collect information about terminal
Is the data information in KB/s?
I intend to analyze those data after collect them.

The Answer is :

  Please first seriously consider an upgrade to an OpenVMS release
  with Current Version Support or Prior Version Support -- your
  OpenVMS release is an old and limited hardware release, and a
  release that was intended to be upgraded to a mainline release.
  Terminal traffic I/O depends highly on the particular terminal
  interface(s) and communications protocol(s) used -- whether the
  traffic is serial (local), IP, LAT, DECnet or otherwise.
  OpenVMS itself does not specifically differentiate terminal I/O
  from other I/O, so these values would have to be gathered from
  specific devices and processes involved.  Accounting gathers
  direct and buffered I/O operations, and does not differentiate
  which I/O operations are specific to terminal devices.
  For more general I/O monitoring tools, please see the MONITOR
  utility (and particularly its ability to record and to then
  play back data), and see tools such as Availability Manager
  and AMDS.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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