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Copy OpenVMS VAX Installation Media? (CD)

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The Question is:

Dear Wizard,
   I have a VaxStation 4000.96 with SCSI CDROM running OpenVMS 6.2. I also have
 a VAX 4600A with a TK70 and a blank RF73E-AF. I have no tape media for the
 TK70. I would like to install OpenVMS 6.2 on the 4600. How do I serve up the
 CDROM on the VaxStation
 and get the 4600 to boot from it, (the CDROM), or can it be done at all?
I anxiously await your learned response.

The Answer is :

  What you want to do here -- operating without an appropriate installation
  kit and particularly withing a CD-ROM -- is more difficult and involved,
  and is often an entirely unsuitable approach for anyone that is not an
  experienced OpenVMS system manager.  You will want to seek and acquire
  and utilize the appropriate installation media, in other words.
  If the VAX 4000 model 600 has a SCSI bus available, acquire or transfer
  a 512-byte-capable CD-ROM drive (please see the FAQ) onto the SCSI bus.
  Once you have a drive compatible with your installation media, you can
  use the standard installation documentation to complete the install.
  If you have no local SCSI bus and you wish to persist in what will be
  a moderately complex and involved installation, you could configure the
  VAXstation as a cluster boot server.  Boot the VAX 4000 model 600 as
  a NI satellite node of the VAXstation.   You will then be able to mount
  the CD-ROM drive.   (But if you are asking the question as you are, this
  is a complex and moderately-involved solution.)
  As for replicating the OpenVMS VAX installation media (assuming your
  software agreements and licenses permit you to do this), the easiest
  path involves performing a BACKUP/IMAGE disk-to-disk backup of the
  entirely contents of the distribution CD onto a local disk on the VAX
  4000 model 600 or onto a disk which can be transfered onto the VAX 4000
  model 600.  Then use BACKUP/IMAGE to restore the OpenVMS VAX VMS062.B
  (for V6.2) installation saveset onto the target system disk for the
  VAX 4000 model 600, then shut down the reboot the VAX 4000 model 600
  from the target (new) system disk.  When asked for the location of the
  installation disk, point to the local disk where the copy of the CD was
  If you have storage compatible between the VAXstation and the VAX 4000
  model 600, you could use the VAXstation to copy the CD-ROM contents
  onto the storage device, then transfer the device to the VAX 4000
  model 600 and bootstrap the VAX 4000 model 600 from the transfered
  disk device.  The installation will proceed as if it were from a
  CD-ROM device.
  Again, you will want to acquire the appropriate media or storage for
  the system.  Transfering media as part of an initial system load is
  involved and a potentially error-prone process.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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