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The Question is:

Have two clustered alpha 1000 with two redundant HS1CP controllers.  My problem
 is that some of the disks are doing mount verifications.  On the controllers,
 sometimes led #4 lights up on both, then other times it lights up on just one
 controller or the o
ther.  The error log was describing controller errors -- device interface HW
 ERR and CNTRLR memory error.  The device ID in the error log matches one of
 the controllers with the above sequence event.  What does led #4 on solid mean
 and does it look as if
we have a bad controller.  Hardware service replaced the cache module batteries
 yesterday, but still have the problem with the mount verifications.  He won't
 be back until Monday.

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard is not a StorageWorks or Hardware Wizard, and not
  particularly familiar with StorageWorks configurations, errors, nor
  associated troubleshooting.
  For hardware service information and for assistance troubleshooting
  hardware or StorageWorks errors, please contact your hardware support
  organization directly.  If you wish to maintain your own hardware,
  please review the availability of the Assisted Services program
  referenced in the OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions.
  Your OpenVMS version is outdated and in need of an upgrade to a more
  recent version.
  You will want to ensure the controller firmware is current, and that
  you have all mandatory OpenVMS ECO kits (and all kits applicable to
  the particular storage configuration) applied.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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