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SYS$USER_CONFIG.DAT and Device Configuration?

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The Question is:

question4s about sys$user_config.dat:
1)Do I still need to uncheck
  autoconfigure_all==0 in syconfig.com
2)I do not need hardware specific params such
  as Vektor and so on ?
3)When I use the manually config (with sysman
  io connect ... in syconfig.com: what is the
  Vektor value for a PCI!! card in a 4100 Alpha
  (for ISA it is 4 times IRQ)

The Answer is :

  Please contact the support center, as details of and background of
  the particular task(s) involved here will be required.
  The SYS$USER_CONFIG.DAT file-based configuration mechanism provides
  a way for a system manager or a vendor to custom-configure a device.
  For details on SYS$USER_CONFIG.DAT, please review the system management
  documentation for OpenVMS; please see the sections Using File-Based
  Autoconfiguration and Suppressing the Autoconfiguration of Devices
  and Automatically Configuring Devices for OpenVMS Alpha Systems
  within the OpenVMS System Manager's manual.  (That documentation
  appears to include answers to all your questions.)
  For details on the vectors assigned to a device, please see the device
  driver documentation available for OpenVMS -- these settings typically
  involve details of both the host and of the particular device.
  Details of the interrupt vector are usually received from the vendor.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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