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Redirecting Security Auditing Log?

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The Question is:

I have redirected the audit server logs to a certain disk, then I have tried to
 make a reboot to the system, and it failed because the audit server is
 starting before mounting the disks.
  I have tried to start the system minimum, and modify the destination(using
 abolute path, or logical), but I get the error:
    Audit server mailbox could not be assigned
    Error in device name
  I have tried to start the system minimum, and modify the failure_mode
 parameter to ignore, or the server=final_action to ignore new, but it says
 audit server is not running.
  I  have tried to start the system minimum, and mount the shadow set manully
 and restart the audit server but it fails.
  I have tried to put the mounting command in syconfig.com, so it is mounted
 before the audit server starts, but I get the same problem, though the shadow
 set is mounted.
  Right now the system is looping mentioning fatal error in starting audit
 server, could you please tell me how can I restart the system, or even stop
 the audit server from the automatic startup!!

The Answer is :

  Use SYLOGICALS.COM for the redirection and the disk mount.
  To avoid the immediate looping, please follow the sequence
  of instructions within the FAQ; see the discussion of the
  conversational bootstrap.  (Details on a similar startup
  sequence are also discussed in the system management manual,
  in the section on starting up during a system emergency.)

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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