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Performance of Windows XP PATHWORKS Shares?

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The Question is:

Running Pathworks Advanced Server 6, Windows NT4, W95, and Wxp clients. XP
 clients have very slow transfer speeds for shares. I notice in the ADMIN
 utility, SHOW CONNECTIONS has multiple connections for the XP clients to IPC$
 (lots!). Why? Are these relat
ed? Any idea how to fix one or both? Thanks

The Answer is :

  There are two problems in your report.
  To resolve the multisession issue,
    If your version of Pathworks is 6.1, please ask you customer support
    center for a fix.
    If your version of Pathworks is 6.0, then you will have to upgrade
    to version 6.1 first.
    Don't forget to update your license to pwlmxxxca07.03.
  To resolve your performance complaint involving Windows XP, please
  install Service Pack 1a plus hotfix Q811492, or later.  (Please direct
  Microsoft Windows performance problems to the platform vendor for your
  particular Microsoft system, or to Microsoft, or to a Microsoft Wizard.)

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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