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Serial Port Pinouts? (MMJ, Wiring)

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The Question is:

Where to find pinout for RJ11 serial port on DEC 3000 300?

The Answer is :

  The four-position modular jack (RJ11 female) found on the front of the
  specified box is a standard telephone handset connection, providing
  handset-level audio.  (This is not a telephone nor modem connection.)
  The six-position modified modular jack (MMJ female) pinout found on
  the back of the specified box is discussed in detail within the OpenVMS
  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document.
  The eight-position modular jack (RJ45 female) found on various boxes of
  this ilk is typically the 10BaseT or 100BaseT network connection.
  Details and pointers to DEC 3000 documentation are available in the FAQ,
  as well.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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