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Printers and Watermarks? (DRAFT)

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The Question is:

I need to print watermarks (or some other form of light overlay) from OVMS to
 HP laserjet printers using TCP. I have DPSM loaded aswell.

The Answer is :

  The mechanism used to implement so-called watermarks depends on
  the particular printer -- some printers can implement watermarks
  within their print configuration menus -- and on the particular
  document format.  Postscript files, for instance, can have a
  simple and very short Postscript file concatenated onto the front
  of the actual Postscript print file -- the file to be printed --
  either directly by the user or within the setup modules for a
  Postscript print queue.  Other document formats may or may not
  provide a mechanism for watermarks, and details are entirely
  application- and print-file-specific.
  For details on the particular HP printer watermark capabilities,
  please consult the customer support center, or check the printer
  menus and printer documentation.
  For details on the Postscript programming language, please consult
  the available Postscript documentation.
  What follows is a Postscript example.  Techniques for other data
  formats can and do vary, and a similar capability may or may not
  be available in formats other than Postscript.
  Locate the device control library for the particular queue.
  Insert the the attached Postscript into the device control
    $ LIBRARY/REPLACE device_control_library_name.TLB DRAFT.PS
  Then print a text file:
  This will demonstrate the output of the string DRAFT for either
  Postscript or ANSI files; use /PARAMETER=DATA=POSTSCRIPT for
  Postscript files.
  You can also simply concatenate the draft.ps module onto the
  front of your Postscript file.
%	Draft version
  /Helvetica-Bold findfont 100 scalefont setfont
  .95 setgray
  108 108 moveto
  54 rotate (  DRAFT  ) show
  } def
/showpage [/showpage load
    dup type /operatortype ne {/exec load} if
    /do_draft cvx] cvx def
do_draft	% Do page 1
  The above Postscript redefines the showpage command, placing
  the text DRAFT onto the page.  (Some Postscript documents might
  perform erasepage, and this will cause the above technique to
  fail if erasepage is not also substituted.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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