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Procedural Script for debating program semantics

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The Question is:

Are DCL scripts programs?

The Answer is :

  Per various Industry Standard Reference Materials (eg: English language
  dictionaries), yes, a DCL command procedure can clearly and entirely
  correctly be considered to be a program.
  Within the vernacular, the answer can sometimes be somewhat less clear.
  The term program can sometimes be specifically intended to reference
  an image (shareable or executable image, most commonly) built using a
  compiled language; an image that is linked and can be activated using
  the image activator.  Languages that can be interpreted -- such as
  Java, BASIC and Perl -- can obviously cloud this distinction slightly,
  but would certainly be considered to be programs.
  Given the difficulties of and the typical ambiguities involved with
  a one- or two-line question, the answer to the question is entirely
  unclear -- as the question itself is not particularly unambiguous.
  Thus the OpenVMS Wizard will provide you with a three word answer:
      Yes.  No.  Maybe.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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