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Network Carrier Check Failures?

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The Question is:

We had an unusual problem last week. We have been looking around and did lancp
 show device/counters. The question is Carrier check failures, should we ever
 see a value > 0 When we do lancp show device/counters, we are presented with 2
 devices eia0, eib0,
eic0 and ewa0. The first 3 all have packets sent and received and eib0 has 18
 carrier check failures. The last device has over 32 million carrier check
 failures, but the send/receive counters are zero. The second question is, does
 that mean the last devic
e is not being used and it is okay to see those carrier check failures.
Thank you.

The Answer is :

  Please contact your hardware services organization, as it would appear
  that your network hardware is misconfigured -- the OpenVMS Wizard is
  not familiar with your network configuration, and not in a position to
  know if this particular hardware misconfiguration is entirely benign.
  If this adapter is not required, then you can disable the device within
  the DECnet and TCP/IP network configurations.  This will prevent the
  device from starting, and will prevent the accumulation of errors.  Or
  you could provide the network controller involved with a functional
  network connection, of course.
  Whether or not the device is unintentially unused and/or is actually
  unneeded is another and entirely different discussion.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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