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Third-party Printer? (Ricoh)

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The Question is:

First, I would like to say that I have read topic 1020 fully and it did not
 resolve my problem.
The situation I am going to tell you did work in the past.
I have a ricoh 1045 copier/printer that I am using a serial to parallel
 converter. I am sending text to the queue with pcl commands in the form setup.
 the PCL commands are as follow;
 (this is all one string)
This aligns the text up on the form perfectly, except it adds a form feed (or
 blank page, not sure) before every job. If I start the que and use this pcl
 commands in the /setup it prints out a blank page before every job. If i start
 the que and use this P
CL commands in the /page_setup it does not print a blank page, but prints slow
 (the next page will not print until the page before it is all the way out and
 the printer motor stops) then it prints the next page (very slow). I have read
 topic 1020 and trie
d the pcl_reset that you mention, but all it does it actually print VMS;2 on
 another sheet of paper. At one time we had this working, then two things
 happened at once. The VAX went down, and so did the copier. The copier people
 came in and did some work o
n the machine and the VAX was rebooted. It has never worked since. I print
 about 1200-2000 individual jobs a day and can not waste that much paper. Also,
 note: if I send the same exact text and PCL commands to a HP 4000 printer, I
 do not get any blank pag
es and it aligns perfectly. ?? please I am lost and I am killing these little
 HP printers by using them so much as report printers

The Answer is :

  You have apparently demonstrated that this particular printing problem
  is specific to the Ricoh 1045 series printer, to the Ricoh printer
  configuration, or to the rather involved and arcane connection into
  the Ricoh printer.  (This based on your statement that an HP printer
  functions correctly within an identical configuration.)
  Parallel printing and printer adapters are often functional, but the
  configurations that result can be unstable or problematic -- either a
  parallel NIC or -- when available -- an integrated NIC is preferable.
  The OpenVMS Wizard prefers a simple and direct network connection.
  (Please also note that the serial port device driver can itself also
  inject formfeed characters, depending on the page-length setting of
  the serial line.  Serial lines also have limited capabilities around
  binary data transmissions, as some characters can mimic flow control.)
  Again, please simplify the configuration.
  The OpenVMS Wizard is completely unfamiliar with Ricoh printers, and
  with the associated configuration options and settings and PCL language
  requirements that might be present with these printers.  You will have
  to contact Ricoh support for this information.
  That you see the VMS;2 character sequence on the printer implies that
  the contents of the setup file are incorrect, or that the path to the
  printer is incorrect.  The sequence itself is interpreted by the print
  symbiont on OpenVMS (and not by the printer), and is intended to
  control the print symbiont processing.  The sequence should not be
  passed along to the printer for processing.
  Please realize that there is a mechanism for customizations applied to
  unrecognized (and unsupported) printers for operations within the
  DECprint Supervisor (DCPS) environment.  For related details on this
  mechanism, please see topic (5104).  This mechanism might allow you
  to customize the environment for your Ricoh printer.
  You will want to consider replacing this current configuration with
  a supported (and supportable) configuration.  For a list of supported
  HP and third-party printers for DCPS, please see the DCPS Software
  Product Description (SPD), SPD 44.15.xx.  For pointers to the SPDs,
  please see the OpenVMS FAQ.  (For purposes of printing, the HP
  LaserJet 4300 series provides an equivalently-rated printing speed;
  of 45 pages per minute.  DCPS V2.2 supports this printer, as well
  as various of its available options.)
  And again, please simplify the configuration.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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