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Advanced Server (PATHWORKS) File Access?

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The Question is:

Running Pathworks v7.3 on Windows XP.  Have a shared area on the Alpha which is
 mapped as a network drive on the PC.  When you look at the files in the shared
 area through explorer you can see and open the files without difficulty but if
 you try and open
one of the files from within a Office product ie Excel or Word you get a
 message saying 'the folder is not accessible.  The folder may be located in an
 unavailable location, protected by password or the filename contains a / or \'

The Answer is :

  Based solely on your rather old OpenVMS Alpha version, your Advanced
  Server (PATHWORKS) server version is likely out-dated, and is also
  potentially lacking necessary ECO kits.
  Please seriously consider an OpenVMS Alpha upgrade, and an Advanced
  Server (PATHWORKS) server upgrade.  Please apply the mandatory ECO
  kits for OpenVMS and for the Advanced Server (PATHWORKS) server.
  This could be a known misbehaviour of the filename displays available
  in certain older Advanced Server releases, a permissions problem, or
  Please then contact the support center, as details of the particular
  Advanced Server (PATHWORKS) server configuration will be required --
  this current situation is most likely the server and not the PATHWORKS
  32 client package that is most centrally involved here.  (The PATHWORKS
  32 client environment does not particularly directly provide the SMB
  file access support, that capability is provided elsewhere within the
  client environment in conjunction with the Advanced Server (PATHWORKS)
  server environment.)

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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