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TLZ09 and Compaction (Compression)?

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The Question is:

There is a TLZ09 tape drive on NODE A. When you issue the SHOW DEV MK* /FULL
 command, this appears:
Magtape TQPE01$MKA400:, device type (Generic SCSI tape), controller supports
 compaction (compaction  disabled) etc.
There is also a TLZ09 tape drive on NODE B. when you issue the SHOW DEV MK*
 /FULL command,
the "controller supports compaction" statement doesn't appear:
Magtape CTSTY2$MKA500:, device type (Generic SCSI tape),
We've had our HP Field Engineers look at it, I have the TLZ09 manual but can't
 find a reason for it not supporting compaction. I know there's jumpers that
 need to be configured, but the Engineer checked that out too...
Any ideas?

The Answer is :

  Please ask your HP Field Engineers to escalate this issue, as details
  of the hardware and software configuration will be required.  This
  includes firmware revisions for the tape drive and potentially for
  the particular controller.
  Please also apply the mandatory ECO kits for OpenVMS VAX V5.5-2.
  Extensive work and updates to the SCSI device drivers have occured
  within OpenVMS releases subsequent to V5.5-2 -- this version predates
  the generic SCSI device support, and this device is clearly being
  identified as a generic tape device.  (Newer OpenVMS releases will
  query the SCSI device for its identifying information, for instance.)

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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