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Questions on BACKUP Utility?

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The Question is:

I have 2 questions:
1) I know the difference between the BACKUP and COPY Commands. The backup puts
 the files in a saveset and the copy command, well essentially copies files.
 Someone told me that if a file is backed-up vs copied, that the resulting file
 characteristics are d
ifferent if that file is restored or copied back. Is there any truth to that?.
2) I issued the following commands to backup files to a cartridge:
Although the files were backed up I did get the following message:
%BACKUP-I-LBLOVRWRITE, volume label ALPHA1       overwritten, new label is
I'm unclear as to why I received this message, since I did use the
Thank you.

The Answer is :

  As the OpenVMS Wizard is not familiar with what this Someone
  specifically said, it is accordingly difficult to answer your
  question and resolve this apparent confusion.  There are any
  number of different references and different misunderstandings
  certainly possible here.
  BACKUP provides not only the saveset operations you mention, but
  it can also copy directories, and directory trees of files.
  Both COPY and BACKUP are intended to provide identical attributes
  and identical file contents, but it is possible (with use of
  BACKUP/INTERCHANGE, for instance) that certain site-specific
  attributes will be stripped off the file.
  It is also possible that COPY and COPY/FTP operations through
  heterogenous networks can result in file attributes being stripped.
  Operations involving savesets tend to better preserve the file
  attributes, even though the saveset attributes themselves can be
  corrupted.  (For tips and tools used to repair saveset attributes
  when those are corrupted, please see the OpenVMS FAQ.)
  The OpenVMS Wizard STRONGLY recommends you use the commands shown
  in the BACKUP manual, as shown in the manual.  For instance, the
  OpenVMS Wizard would recommend always specifying /SAVE_SET on the
  saveset parameter, even when this is not strictly necessary.
  From the BACKUP/LABEL help text:
     Specifies the 1- to 6-character volume labels for the magnetic
     tapes to which the save set is written. If you do not specify
     the /LABEL qualifier, BACKUP uses the first six characters of the
     save-set name as the volume label of the first tape.
  You received the new volume label because you told BACKUP to override
  the label processing, and you defaulted the label specification.
  BACKUP and the BACKUP$MANAGER environment are both involved tools,
  and the BACKUP interface in particular can be quite intimidating
  -- again, the OpenVMS Wizard would encourage review of the available
  material.  Additionally, the OpenVMS Wizard would verify the file
  restoration path, and the ability to restore the needed data from
  your data archives.  (Without this testing, you cannot be assured
  of access to your data -- either due to command error, hardware
  error, BACKUP scheduling failures, or other unspecified problems.)

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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