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telnet performance degradation?

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The Question is:

I see performance issues with telnet connection to our VMS cluster during both
 peek and off hours.  I see from captures that cluster nodes are setting the
 TCP window size much smaller than the client side of the connection
 (i.e.,Server window=4379 Client
What is the default initial window size and what settings and/or counters
 should I look at related to this?

The Answer is :

  Once this reported performance problem has been replicated with the
  current version and ECO installed (and assuming your release is not
  already current), please consider logging a formal problem report
  with details of the TCP/IP Services version and the associated ECO
  information, and with details of the local IP network configuration
  and traffic activity.  If you are not at the current release and ECO
  for TCP/IP Services please start with that effort.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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