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Upgrading to Newer AlphaServer Hardware?

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The Question is:

I currently run on a cluster of 8200 what is the replacement for that machine...

The Answer is :

  The appropriate system replacement for the VAX 8200 series and for the
  AlphaServer 8200 series can and will varies, based on the intended
  applications, on the current load and particularly on the applicable
  current system performance limits, and on the expected changes to
  these areas within your environment.
  For information on the current members of the AlphaServer series,
  please see the information available at the AlphaServer website.
  Many of the available AlphaServer systems will significantly out-perform
  the AlphaServer 8200 series and (all?) will out-perform the significantly
  older VAX 8200 series.  Thus the question becomes one of the performance
  requirements and future performance requirements, and where the current
  configuration is reaching its performance limits -- simply purchasing a
  faster Alpha processor may not help a configuration that is severely
  limited by its I/O through-put, for instance, without also upgrading
  the I/O bandwidth available.
  The Configuration Assistance (Buy) link in the left navigation available
  at the OpenVMS Website will also be of interest:

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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