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TSM (retired product) enhancement request

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The Question is:

I realize that TSM is not being supported. Having said that, it would be nice
 to have a little tool which allows the operator to add new DECnet Circuit
 devices to the legal list (either that or allow any input).
When I moved TSM to my Alpha Server DS20E, the DECnet circuit device EIA-0 was
 not accepted by TSM.

The Answer is :

  The most recent TSM kit available, V2.1, is on the OpenVMS Freeware
  V6.0 kit.  As you are aware, TSM was retired some time ago and there
  are accordingly no promises to continue it, maintain it, support it,
  upgrade or port it, and/or add controllers to it -- you will want to
  migrate to other tools, or maintain a configuration where TSM will

answer written or last revised on ( 17-DEC-2003 )

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