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Problems with Spooled Devices?

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The Question is:

Title:  CREATE_SESSION/PERMANENT interferes with DCL $COPY command.
We are running OpenVMS 7.3-1 with TCPIP 5.3 ECO 2 on an AlphaServer.
We found that when we set up printers as TN devices at a remote location using
 the command
that the DCL $COPY command
$COPY <filename> TNAsas:  (sas = "such-and-such")
did not work consistently with these printers.  Sometimes the printer printed
 the file in obedience to the $COPY command; sometimes, though the OpenVMS
 system returned immediately to the DCL prompt, nothing emerged from the
 printer.  When we rebuilt the T
N devices using TELNET/CREATE without the /PERMANENT qualifier, the DCL $COPY
 command worked consistently again.
Forgoing the /PERMANENT qualifier brings its own difficulties, however, so we
 hope to be able eventually to use TELNET/CREATE/PERMANENT without causing
 problems for the DCL $COPY command.
This quirk has so far only been observed on one remote network, so we are
 investigating our network setup.  Any thoughts you have on it would be
 appreciated, however.

The Answer is :

  There is an ECO available that fixes problems with spooled devices.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-DEC-2003 )

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