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SPAWN and mailbox full? (MBFULL)

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The Question is:

we have an appication that spawns a DCl command similar to:-
@rtscopy arg1 arg2
this command just copes a file and logs some information in a logfile.
the application uses lib$spawn.  the problem is sometimes is works, and
 sometimes it fails without ever running the DCL. the error returned from
 lib$spawn is 2264 (ss$_mbfull)
we are not using mailboxes. Why do we get this error?

The Answer is :

  SPAWN and lib$spawn both use DCL mailboxes, and it would appear that
  there are large numbers of logical names and/or symbols present, or
  that the client (new) subprocess is very slow reading the mailbox,
  or that the OpenVMS system mailbox-related system parameters
  (DEFMBXBUFQUO and DEFMBXMXMSG) are set too small.
  As a workaround and assuming you are passing no symols and logical

answer written or last revised on ( 17-DEC-2003 )

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