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PATHWORKS 32 Client DLL Errors?

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The Question is:

When installing Pathworks32 I encountered 16-Bit dll virtual initialization
 errors.  I chose ignore at each prompt and the Install window came up.  I
 proceeded to install Network Connectivity and PowerTerm 525 and was successful.
Should I be concerned with the install errors encountered?

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard would be concerned.
  If you did not install a current version of PATHWORKS 32 or at least
  a version of PATHWORKS 32 appropriate for the target Microsoft Windows
  platform, please do so now.
  As you did not indicate the PATHWORKS 32 version nor the Windows
  version, no certain answer is possible.  Information and version
  requirements around operations with Microsoft Windows 2000 (W2K)
  and with Microsoft Windows XP are particularly available here at
  the Ask The Wizard area, and have been discussed in various topics.
  In particular, please see existing PATHWORKS 32 topics including
  (8377), (7244), (6502), and (4760), and please see the PATHWORKS
  and Advanced Server information available via the website URL
  referenced in topic (5714).

answer written or last revised on ( 17-DEC-2003 )

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