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Installation Failure on AlphaServer 2100?

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The Question is:

My Alpha2100 4/200 won't boot to the VMS 7.3 O/S CD and it hangs at "jumping to
 bootstrap coda". It did work on a 2100 4/275. That makes me think there might
 be a h/w minimum requirement for 7.3. Doe's 7.3 have a h/w limit?  If this
 version is supposed to
 run on AS2100 4/200, what should I ckeck/change to make it boot to the install
I am sure my CD drive works. Booting to f/w 6.2 or 5.3 CD fails too. The
 console command I use is "boot -flags 0,0 dka600".

The Answer is :

  The AlphaServer 2100 series is supported by the OpenVMS Alpha V7.3
  operating system, and bootstraps of the distribution CD media were
  tested as part of standard OpenVMS testing.
  You cite that either the disk or the drive worked on another AlphaServer
  2100 series system, and the OpenVMS Wizard will here assume this was the
  CD disk media and not the drive that was swapped between systems.
  You have several CD bootstrap failures on different disks, but believe
  the drive works?  The OpenVMS Wizard might draw different conclusions.
  Based solely on what is referenced here, the OpenVMS Wizard might well
  suspect the particular drive has failed.
  It is also possible that there is an error in the bootstrap processing,
  or a core system hardware error within the particular failing system,
  or that there is a firmware problem.  (There is no indication here that
  the particular system is currently known to work, or is running some
  other OpenVMS release, nor details on the current system environment.)
  Please contact your hardware support organization, as a start.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-DEC-2003 )

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