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We have an RA8000 with 2 HSG80s running 8.7S and 2 DS10 servers.  We are
 currently running a snapshot of the system and data disks for the production
 system and then mounting the snapshot on the development system to be backed
 up to tape.  We are getting
a  %MOUNT-I-REBUILD, volume was improperly dismounted; rebuild in progress
 message when the system disk is mounted on the development system for backup.
 Will this cause any problems with using the backup tape to restore the
 production system disk?  Shoul
d the disk be mounted /NOREBUILD?

The Answer is :

  Rebuilding will not affect the visible portions of the volume structures,
  but does tend to point to missing dismount operations or system crashes.
  Your references to BACKUPs would imply you are transfering volumes on-line,
  without a DISMOUNT operation.  This is not recommended.
  On-line BACKUP operations and the pitfalls are discussed in the OpenVMS
  FAQ, see the discussions of BACKUP /IGNORE=INTERLOCK as a start.
  While the rebuild itself will not affect the BACKUP, pulling the volume out
  from underneath running applications may well affect the validity of the
  BACKUP operation -- and for the same reasons discussed with the FAQ
  discussion of BACKUP/IGNORE=INTERLOCK.   The volume structure will be
  consistent -- unless you interrupt a SCSI write in flight by physically
  pulling a disk, for instance -- but the file contents may or may not
  reflect the contents of and the state of the OpenVMS host caches, nor
  the process and any application-specific I/O cache contents that might

answer written or last revised on ( 4-JAN-2004 )

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