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SCSI Device Naming, Configuration?

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The Question is:

I installed a shelf of 72 GB disks in a 4310 enclosure.  The shelf is
 controlled by a KZPCAA-AA SCSI card in a DS20/E AlphaServer.  I also have two
 internal 9 GB drives in the computer that are used for page, swap, and dump
At the console prompt and after booting the computer one of the shelf drives
 shows up as DKA0: which had been used on the 9 GB drive for the page and swap
 files.  That drive no longer shows up.  The second 9 GB drive for dump files
 shows up as DKA100:, wh
ich is where I want it.  Eight of the remaining nine drives in the 4310 shelf
 show up with address ranging from DKA200: to DKA1200:(600 and 700 are
 skipped).  The reseller did not provide documentation for the controller card.
Is there a software or hardware means to get the controller card to use DKB
 instead of DKA?

The Answer is :

  The device names assigned to the various devices are determined by the
  SRM console and by its own device configuration sequence, and are not
  particularly programmable.  (Put another way, the device names you see
  are generally the device names you get -- sometimes you can alter the
  device configuration order when the algorithm is changed, but this is
  generally not recommended.)
  You will want to use port allocation classes and device logical names,
  the mechanism intended to ease device configurations.
  For device documentation, please contact your reseller.
  If you no longer have a DKA0: device, the device will have been renamed
  to another controller or -- if connected to the same SCSI bus -- there
  is a SCSI address collision.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-DEC-2003 )

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