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Performance and Interrupt Stack Time?

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The Question is:

Hi Support Desk,
I need your help badly.
We are using Open VMS 7.3 on DS20E Alpha Server. Running business application
 on ovms. The server is very slow response for any process all the sudden. even
 when I open login in console monitor it is almost freeze up.  This is happen
 almost once a month a
nd sometime few time a week.
so I run dcl command:
$monitor system/all/interv=3
I see the interupt state is very high to 100%
idle time is 0% then it drops down to 1% to .66% then again it jumps back to
 93% for interupt state.
Can you tell what should I look for.
I call up vms support and my vendor support both cannot help me pin point the
my hardware vendor who sold alpha server to me, it could be one nic card of the
 pc is bad and keep broadcast the signal to vms alpha server in my LAN. thanks
 for your help

The Answer is :

  There is far from enough information to resolve this -- a high
  interrupt time tends to indicate I/O or related system activity,
  but not why.  This sort of activity is not necessarily an easy
  problem to localize and to resolve.
  Please start with the mandatory ECO kits for OpenVMS Alpha V7.3
  and for the version of DECnet and/or TCP/IP Services in use.
  Please switch to XFC caching and apply the XFC V2.0 or later
  ECO, or please select the VIOC caching and set the VCC_FLAGS
  system parameter appropriately -- the OpenVMS Wizard recommends
  the XFC ECO V2.0 or later, and the use of XFC caching.
  This could be LAN activity as that can trigger host processing
  or this could be arising due to activity within the OpenVMS
  server.  To indicate or eliminate the LAN activity, check the
  NIC counters periodically: LANCP SHOW DEVICE/COUNTERS.  (To zero
  the LAN device counters, see the OpenVMS FAQ.)
  For a systematic approach toward locating system performance
  issues, please see the performance manual in the OpenVMS
  documentation set.
  Please contact the customer support center for assistance.

answer written or last revised on ( 18-DEC-2003 )

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