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OpenVMS and Windows Networking?

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The Question is:

I have a WIN2K box that has files that are created with Microsoft products,
 such as WORD, EXCEL, Powerpoint etc....  Is there a way to add this box to a
 DEC network of two machines running OpenVMS?  This network  has 10 terminal
 workstations. is there a s
oftware application that would allow these terminals to open a window and then
 read and or edit the files on the WIN2K box?

The Answer is :

  You seek to use a system normally configured and operated as an IP
  client as a server, and this can be problematic without additional
  It is easily possible to network with a Windows 2000 system using
  IP, and Windows provides telnet and FTP and other typical IP client
  packages.  OpenVMS provides both IP client and server packages for
  these and other common IP protocols as part of TCP/IP Services.
  (Third-party IP stacks are also available for OpenVMS.)
  OpenVMS is multi-user and multi-processing operating system, and
  provides full remote access capabilities, and can serve files to
  Windows 2000 and other Windows platforms using the Advanced Server
  or the Samba package.  These packages provide both disk and print
  services using the Microsoft SMB protocol; these packages implement
  an SMB server on OpenVMS.  OpenVMS can also act as a primary or a
  backup domain controller, and can share LAN Manager or Kerberos
  authentication -- common passwords -- with Windows environments.
  OpenVMS also offers client software for Windows platforms, known
  as the PATHWORKS 32 package -- this package provides X Windows
  display and DECnet capabilities, as well as other tools for use
  on the Windows client.
  The OpenVMS Wizard is not aware of an SMB client for OpenVMS, meaning
  that OpenVMS cannot access files on Windows boxes using SMB protocols.
  NFS can be used here, and an OpenVMS client is available and one or
  more third-party NFS servers are reportedly available for Windows.
  You will want to direct questions on opening and remotely accessing
  Windows 2000 client boxes to a Windows Wizard.
  Related topics include (2225), (2294), (2439), (5504), (6571),
  (7244), (8266), (8598) and (9285).  Particularly (6571).

answer written or last revised on ( 18-DEC-2003 )

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