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TLZ07 and DDS-2 tape media?

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The Question is:

Good Morning,
i have a TLZ07 and i use DDS2 Tapes, for what i know tlz07 should support dds2
The problem is that the dds2 tape seems not to be recognised and they are
 treated as DDS1.
I have tryed to use the following command, but it is steel seen as a dds1.
Any suggestion???
Thanks in advance,

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard would expect a TLZ07 to recognize and process
  DDS-2 (DDS-2 120M and DDS-2 90M) media, as well as the older
  DSS-1 (DDS-1 90M and 60M) media.
  The media involved will generally have either a DDS or a DDS-2 logo.
  For what should be obvious reasons, your tapes should be DDS-2 logo
  90M or 120M tapes -- there has been both DDS-1 and DDS-2 90M media
  seen around, 120M is normally only DDS-2.
  Do not use DDS-2 media in a DDS-1 drive.  This can lead to problems
  with the media and the drive, as DDS-1 drives and DDS-2 media are
  not particularly compatible.  (DDS-2 media is thinner than DDS-1.)
  You can use DDS-1 media in a DDS-2 drive, and with recording formats
  compatible with DDS-1 drives.
  You may want to check for available OpenVMS ECO kits, as well, as
  there have been cases were displays were incorrect or compaction
  was not correctly enabled.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-DEC-2003 )

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