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Configuring LaserJet Printer?

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The Question is:

I need to connect a HP laserjet 8000n to my vax/VMS v5.5.  I have a jet direct
 conectivity card J4135A for a serial port.

The Answer is :

  DECprint Services (DCPS) over IP is the usual approach, though most
  any IP stack can be configured to operate directly with JetDirect
  printers -- you would need to install at least an IP stack, and
  quite possibly the IP stack and DCPS.
  Start with the IP and DCPS documentation, and with topic (1020) and
  the topics referenced there.
  The central problem here will be the relative age of your OpenVMS
  VAX release -- this is very old software, and that will limit your

answer written or last revised on ( 17-DEC-2003 )

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