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Seeking X Windows Clock?

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The Question is:

We need to give our operations staff an accurate time display with seconds. As
 X windows is the management screens of choice they asked us to export a clock
 display from one of the VMS systems. DECW$CLOCK doesn't have seconds by
 default and there doesn't
seem to be a configurable option to add them.
However Xclock, on which DECW$CLOCK is based, does have a setting that forces
 display of seconds ( setting -interval less than 30 seconds forces a second
I did find dclock in Freeware4 However it doesnt appear to have an Alpha exe
 any more and I failed miserably to build one from the source kit. This may of
 course be deliberate. Can you help? Is there an alpha version of dclock
 available or a hidden switch
/logical name that sets interval for DECW$CLOCK? We're using DECWindows V1.2-6.

The Answer is :

  A web search for:
    dclock openvms
  turned up numerous hits, including a link to a DECwindows archive
  website containing a page of clock tools -- xclock, dclock, catclock,
  xbclock, and others.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-DEC-2003 )

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