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telnet, auto-login facility (ALF)?

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The Question is:

I want to enable the autologin feature (SYSMAN ALF) for TELNET sessions from
 specific hosts. The hosts will typically be PCs with a simple telnet client on
 the local network.
I know how to specifiy an ALF entry. I know about TT_ACCPORNAM contents.
However, the TT_ACCPORNAM contents when using TCPIP Services for VMS V5.1
 includes the host name/address AND the remote port number. Because this port
 number is defined by the remote telnet client in an unpredictible way, there
 appears to be no way I can
anticipate these port numbers. Is there a way to instruct the TELNET server not
 to include the remote port name in TT_ACCPORNAM for incoming connections?

The Answer is :

  Telnet does not easily nor directly provide the ability to automatically
  log in such as this, as the incoming port can vary and this origination
  is what the automatic login facility (ALF) looks for -- what you are
  seeing is how most telnet clients explicitly work, and this randomness
  precludes easy use of ALF.  (In some cases, you can configure the telnet
  client to force-lock the originating information.  This is not common.)

answer written or last revised on ( 17-DEC-2003 )

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