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Read and Write I/O Performance?

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The Question is:

I'm looking for a tool to test IO performance that will let me find the upper
 boundries of write and read performance.

The Answer is :

  How much coding and testing and implementation work do you want to
  do, what sort of detail do you want to see, what sort of storage
  or communications hardware is involved, how much data is involved,
  what processors are involved, and do you have a particular budget
  for the purchasing of or the development of performance tools?
  For some configurations and requirements, tools such as BACKUP or
  COPY can be used.  For other environments, custom I/O tools may be
  required.  (OpenVMS Engineering, for instance, has implemented
  diagnostic tools that hammer on various I/O systems and devices.)
  For DECnet Phase IV, tools such as DTS/DTR (DTSEND and DTRECV) can
  be used.  Other network protocols have other tools.
  Tools such as MONITOR and its ability to monitor the average I/O
  queue length can be used to check for saturation.  MONITOR can also
  be used to record and to then play back system activity.  (There
  are also mechanisms for monitoring RMS file system activity -- see
  MONITOR RMS and related -- as well.)
  HP Services can discuss custom requirements or performance-tuning
  assistance requirements, obviously.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-DEC-2003 )

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