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device already allocated to another user?

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The Question is:

I started getting a SYSTEM-W-IDXFILEFULL message.  So I backed up the offending
 disk drive and am trying to init the disk with /headers=2400000, but I'm
 getting a 'device allocated to another user' message.  Show device /file is
 clear except for the index
 file and there doesn't seem to be any installed images when I 'install
 list/glo' and no other users on the system.
I'm not sure were to look next.  Any assistance would be appreciated.

The Answer is :

  First ensure that the volume is dismounted from all nodes, and
  then INITIALIZE it directly -- it would appear that there is
  another user that has explicitly or implicitly allocated the
  target disk device, or that the target device is still mounted

answer written or last revised on ( 17-DEC-2003 )

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