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Third-party Hardware? (DECserver)

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The Question is:

I want the exact synatx to set up a dump file for a Decserver bugcheck dump. I
 have seen it before and I think its five lines in NCP defining the MAC addres
 of the decserver etc. I specify exact because I used it before but have long
 since forgotten and i
t won't work unless it is the exact syntax. If you have a question then feel
 free to ask.

The Answer is :

  Please contact Digital Network Products Group (www.dnpg.com) for
  assistance with and support for the DECserver series devices.
  Here is a typical DECserver node display from DECnet Phase IV:
ncp> show node dsnode characteristics
Node Volatile Characteristics as of ...
Remote node =   1.12 (DSNODE)
Service circuit          = circuit
Hardware address         = 08-00-2B-0A-xx-xx
Load file                = SYS$COMMON:[DECSERVER]loadfile.SYS
Dump file                = SYS$COMMON:[DECSERVER]dumpfile.DMP
  Most DECserver installations will include software -- DSVCONFIG or
  the newer DSV$CONFIGURE, depending on the version, the latter is
  part of the DECserver Network Access Software -- that can perform
  the entire DECserver NCP-based network configuration for you.
  Again, DECserver hardware and software is owned by the DNPG folks.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-DEC-2003 )

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