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System Thermal (Temperature) Data?

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The Question is:

The demo program as given in topic 2945 (Accessing AlphaServer 4100 Temperature
 Sensor) works fine on DS10 and DS20, but on a DS15 the System service returns
 the status %SYSTEM-E-NOT_LOADED.  What is the reason for this and what have I
 to do to make the p
rogram run?

The Answer is :

  The feature used by the program is not uniformly available and the
  capability is not uniformly implemented across various of the Alpha
  platforms -- this is why the feature is not formally documented, and
  why the temperature is not available through a direct interface.
  In response to a query for the temperature, the error message:
    %SYSTEM-E-NOT_LOADED, system service or exec routine is not loaded
  indicates that the platform does not have the $getsyi interface.
  There is an undocumented system service sys$get_env_sensor for various
  newer platforms, though the intended and documented interface to this
  information is via WBEM or similar management interface.
  This undocumented system service is used on and available newer Alpha
  platforms.  The older f$getsyi interface is based on a different
  architecture, and is limited to the AlphaServer DS10, AlphaServer DS20,
  AlphaServer ES40, and other similar vintage systems.
  The best approach for monitoring the machine room might well involve
  a commercial environmental sensor -- these can be interfaced to OpenVMS
  via SNMP or direct connection, depending on the sensor.  As has been
  said with the system clock, you have purchased a computer and not a
  clock -- nor a thermometer.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-DEC-2003 )

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