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Third-party Software? (TCPware)

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The Question is:

Hi, I am having problems with Decnet(phase iv) over IP (TCPWare). I have done
 the necessary configs and am getting the error "Adjacent node out of range".
 One of your suggestions in a previous question was to increase NPAGEDYN or
 decrease the MAXIMUM ADDR
ESS parameter in Decnet. I have tried changing these Parms but still have the
 same problem. I originally thought that the router between the two nodes could
 be causing the problem but have since configured two vax's on the same lan.
 The error is the same
Decnet node address is  2.103 and 2.101 on the same segment.Both have the same
 EXECUTOR settings.eg Max address 1023
Any Suggestions ...

The Answer is :

  Please contact Process Software for assistance with the TCPware product,
  as TCPware implements both the transport and the DECnet Phase IV interface.
  OpenVMS TCP/IP Services provides an IP transport for DECnet, though based
  on DECnet-Plus and not on DECnet Phase IV.

answer written or last revised on ( 30-DEC-2003 )

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