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LAT Print Symbiont (PSM) Errors?

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The Question is:

OPEN VMS Version 7.1-1H2
Sometimes LAT print jobs abort with the message
%PSM-E-WRITEERR, error writing !AS
-LAT-F-NOMSG, Message number 01769FCC
and the printer queue is shown in a stopped state and has to be restarted
 manually. After starting the queue again the same jobs will print
 successfully. I assume it is a communication problem, although the message is
 not documented. How can I save the qu
eue from becoming stopped or have it automatically restarted?

The Answer is :

  Please upgrade to a more recent OpenVMS release, and preferably to a
  release with Current Version Support or Prior Version Support available.
  Please also apply the available network-related and mandatory ECO kits.
  As for the error being reported:
$ set message sys$message:latmsg
$ x=f$mess(%x01769FCC)
$ show symbol x
  X = "%LAT-F-CONTIMEOUT, connection timed out, server not available, or
incorrect server name specified"
  As for the underlying problem, there might appear to be a network or
  a remote server problem.
$ help/mess CONTIMEOUT
CONTIMEOUT,  connection timed out, server not available, or incorrect
              server name specified
  Facility:     LAT, LAT Facility
  Explanation:  A LAT connection attempt on a LAT device (LTAxxx:) failed when
                the connection request timed out. Either the remote node was
                not available, or the LTA device describing the destination to
                receive the connection was set up incorrectly.
  User Action:  Check the mapping for the LTA device from which the connection
                was attempted, or check to see whether the remote node
                described by the LTA device is available on the network.

answer written or last revised on ( 30-DEC-2003 )

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