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DCPS and HP Printers?

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The Question is:

 Alphastation XP900
 OpenVMS Alpha 7.2-1
 I am running DEC Print Supervisor (DCPS) version 1.7 on this system. I am
 using raw tcp in defining my print queues. I originaly printed to a DEC LNC02
 printer, which did not require a DCPS-Open license because it was not a third
 party printer.
 I recently replaced the printer with an HP 2280 printer and can no longer
 print because DCPS is considering the HP a third party printer.
 Now that HP has acquired Compaq, who previously acquired DEC, is an HP printer
 still considered third party?
 Is there any way to get my current version of DCPS to play nicely with my HP
 printer, short of purchasing a DCPS-Open license?

The Answer is :

  Please upgrade to a more recent version of DECprint Supervisor (DCPS),
  as both support and licensing have changed in more recent releases --
  as of this writing, DCPS V2.3 is the current release.  (You will want
  to consider an OpenVMS Alpha upgrade, as well.)
  You will also want to confirm that the particular HP printer is
  supported -- in general, current printers and new printers going
  forward are supported, and specific older HP printers are also
  supported.  The DCPS Software Product Description (SPD) -- the
  OpenVMS FAQ has pointers to the SPDs -- has details on support.

answer written or last revised on ( 30-DEC-2003 )

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