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FTP passive port range?

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The Question is:

TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS 5.4
I want to support both active and passive FTP connections to the TCPIP Services
 FTP server on my AlphaServer.  However, the server is on a host behind a NAT
 firewall and I only want to open those ports which the server will select from
 when it informs the
 client where to make its data connection to.
I've checked the TCPIP Services management manual but can find no documentation
 of which port range the server selects from.  If you, dear Wizard, could
 publish that range I would be most grateful :=)
Also, I'm aware of other FTP server products which can be configured to use a
 specific passive port range.  If there are plans to include such capability in
 the TCPIP Services FTP server it would be most welcome.  If not, please
 consider this a feature re
quest :-)

The Answer is :

  There is presently no documentation and no management of the port.
  An enhancement suggestion has been passed to the TCP/IP Services
  Engineering team.  If you require this feature be added and details
  of potential schedule(s), please contact the support center directly.

answer written or last revised on ( 4-JAN-2004 )

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