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Periodic Batch SUBMIT (Process Rescheduling)?

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The Question is:

I am a novice VMS administrator, I am trying  to submit a job in queue and want
 it to execute every two hours. I did the following and it executes only once.
submit cdrclean_ftp.com /after="today+2:0" /retain=always
Any help is appreciated.
PS do not tell me that I have to have 12 different entries in the Batch Queue
 to accomplish this.
Best Regards

The Answer is :

  These periodic batch-processing applications usually re-submit
  themselves, or a process scheduling application is installed,
  configured and used.
  If you want to execute next job two hours from the current time
  using a batch job, you can use a command such as the following:
    $ submit cdrclean_ftp.com /after="+0-2:0"
  Note that this will drift over time, as there will be a finite
  time between the start of the job and the SUBMIT command, so
  the jobs will actually execute slighty more than 2 hours apart.
  If you want to be more precise, for example, execute the job at
  02:00, 04:00, 06:00 etc... then you'll have to parse the
  current time and construct the next scheduled time:
    $ ThisHour=F$CVTIME(,,"HOUR")
    $ NextHour=(ThisHour/2 + 1) * 2 ! Round up to next even hour
    $ SUBMIT cdrclean_ftp.com /after="''NextHour':00"
  Alternatively, you can have a single batch job requeue itself
  using /AFTER=TOMORROW, and have it immediately queue twelve jobs
  using TODAY+2:00, TODAY+4:00, etc.
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answer written or last revised on ( 9-FEB-2004 )

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