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C code porting assistance?

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The Question is:

While migrating "C" modules from VAX to ALPHA, I am getting compilation errors
    Cannot find file <filename> specified in
                  #include diRECTIVE."
Question1 : If I want to find out the list of header files in this include
 dirctive, where should I look for?
Question 2: I am getting specifically for these header files: itmdef.h, waidef.h.
Are these files obsoleted in ALPHA?
Thanks in advance....

The Answer is :

  Documentation on migrating from VAX C to more recent C compilers
  is available in the OpenVMS VAX Compaq C documentation.
  Details on the C include processing depend on the compiler version,
  though recent compiler versions provide a reference copy of include
  files in SYS$SYSROOT:[DECC$LIB...].  (The files are actually loaded
  from text libraries, as described in the manuals -- again, these
  directories contain reference copies.)
  Details on the specific include statements are lacking, but the
  OpenVMS Wizard will assume these are angle-bracket references to
  itmdef.h and uaidef.h.  itmdef.h was not documented, though a
  similar itemdef.h is available.  uaidef.h -- if that is what was
  intended, as the OpenVMS Wizard does not recognize waidef.h --
  is available.  (If waidef.h was intended, that may well be a local
  definition file.)
  It may or may not be feasible to port the contents of the itmdef.h
  or any other definition files, and it might be easier to recode the
  files or the applications.  (Details on the particular contents
  would be necessary.)
  Please contact HP services for assistance in porting your code.

answer written or last revised on ( 30-DEC-2003 )

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