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Porting C Code, and dscdef.h definitions?

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The Question is:

FILE "dscdef.h" is different from that of on VAX. I found that these
structs are missing...In which Header file do I find them?
*******Missing Struct*******
struct DSC$R_DESC_A

The Answer is :

  Nothing closely resembling these specified symbols or structures
  appears available within the current C and current OpenVMS environment,
  nor within the older VAX C environment, which would imply that there is
  an error in the specified symbol, or that the OpenVMS Wizard is
  misunderstanding the question and/or the context, or that the symbols
  or structures are somehow locally created or derived.
  The letter suffixes do appear to be references to an array descriptor
  class, a dynamic string descriptor class, and a varying string
  descriptor class.  These are all still available on OpenVMS Alpha.
  Please contact the customer support center, as details of both the
  original and target C compiler versions and environments will be
  of interest, as will examples of the declarations involved.
  In particular, if you are porting code written in VAX C, you should
  first port your code from VAX C to the ANSI C compiler variously known
  as the DEC C, Compaq C or HP C compiler -- on OpenVMS VAX.  Once the
  port into ANSI C is completed, then port from OpenVMS VAX to OpenVMS

answer written or last revised on ( 7-JAN-2004 )

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