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The Question is:

We are currently have user interactive limit set at 128. If I increase this
 limit, but the user usage does not actually change, what affect if any does
 the increase of the interactive user limit have on system performance?

The Answer is :

  You will potentially see improvements with upgrades to more recent
  OpenVMS releases, as there have been various significant performance
  enhancements implemented in more recent OpenVMS releases.
  As for simply increasing the interactive user limit IJOBLIM, it is
  simply a counter and a limit -- OpenVMS itself does not particularly
  depend on nor particularly use the value for any purpose other than
  as a limit, but it is possible that specific applications might use
  the value to size application-specific structures or constructs.
  (More commonly, the OpenVMS Wizard would expect applications will
  use MAXPROCESSCNT and not IJOBLIM for sizing purposes, however.)
  For general performance and tuning information and an introduction
  to systematic system tuning, please see the performance manual.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-JAN-2004 )

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