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SUBMIT, Queues, and Batch Jobs Retained?

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The Question is:

Hi wizard, can you specify in the user authorization when the submitted job
 retains in the queue? I have checked the queue params and there is no retain
Batch queue VOIMA$SYS$BATCH, idle, on VOIMA::
  Entry  Jobname         Username             Status
  -----  -------         --------             ------
    999  CM_VHOUSEK      JUPBATMAN            Retained on completion
         Submitted  8-JAN-2004 05:00:12.00 /KEEP
         Completed  8-JAN-2004 05:01:09.24 on queue VOIMA$SYS$BATCH

The Answer is :

  There is no UAF setting which controls job retention.
  The answer to the implicit question "why is this entry retained" is
  becase of the declaration of the queue:
  Specifically, because the job itself was submitted with /RETAIN=ALWAYS,
  the queue setting is not relevant.
     Specifies the circumstances under which you want your jobs to be
     retained in a queue. When a job is retained in the queue, you can
     issue the SHOW QUEUE command after the job completes to see the
     status of the job. Without job retention, no record of a job is
     left in a queue after a job completes.
     Use the following options to specify job retention:
     o  ALWAYS--Holds the job in the queue regardless of the job's
        completion status.
  As for how to create some site-specific code to manage these entries
  for local requirements, existing discussions of the f$getqui lexical
  include the following topics: (813), (1240), (2159), (3951), (4546),
  (4568), (4903), (5188) (5471), (5567), (5651), (5793), (5982), (6315),
  (6877), (9130), and likely others.
  Topics specific to retained jobs include (1240) and (3951).

answer written or last revised on ( 12-JAN-2004 )

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