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EVE Editor and Global Replace?

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The Question is:

How can I execute command like "global replace" on many text file with EVE ?
I have already store the command in the file test.eve
NOMSRC> type test.eve
global replace ! *
global replace - _
And I try to call EVE with the qualifier /COMMAND=test.eve but EVE start to
 edit the file instead of changing the characters.
NOMSRC> eve test.txt /command=test.eve
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The Answer is :

    /COMMAND is used for TPU code to be executed prior to editing. Your
    script contains EVE code, so you should use /INIT to execute it.
    For example:
    You may also want to add /NODISPLAY:
    $ eve test.dat/init=test.eve/nodisplay
    4 lines read from file USER$WIZ:[WIZARD]TEST.DAT;2
    Executing commands in initialization file: USER$WIZ:[WIZARD]TEST.EVE;1
    4 lines written to file USER$WIZ:[WIZARD]TEST.DAT;3

answer written or last revised on ( 11-JAN-2004 )

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